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What Colour Should I Stain My Deck?

Great deck stain colours to make your exterior wood stand out

Q: What Colour Should I Stain My Deck?

A: When considering wood stain colours for your deck, consider what colour will best enhance the wood’s finish.To find the right shade and type of stain just for you, test a coloured stain just as you would paint on the walls of your home’s rooms. Try different colours on inconspicuous spaces on your deck. You may be surprised what moves you.


Pick The Right Deck Stain Colours
Every wood has its own personality and colour. Consider the wood’s natural colour before striking out on our stain quest. Pressed pine and other woods commonly used for decks have a natural green hue before they are finished. Because staining a deck can be a big undertaking, you’ll want to carefully choose your deck stain colours. Choosing the right colour for staining your deck will enable you and your guests to enjoy your deck for years to come. 

Consider Your Deck's Design
Some things to consider when searching out the perfect deck hue are the design, the exterior of the home, the surrounding vegetation and any much-loved objects that will be sitting on the deck. If your lawn is your favorite thing outdoors at the moment, make sure the colour you choose show’s off the landscaping so that when you stare out from the house you are even more captivated by the space. 


Here are a few colours of wood stain to consider for your deck:

Deck Stain Colour - 717 Redwood Naturaltone
If you love the deck that you have, this stain plays on the richness of a wood deck that might simply just need an update. It creates a nice resilient surface for entertaining and getting through rough seasonal weather without having to worry too much about maintaining your deck. 717 Redwood Naturaltone will change almost any aging outdoor deck from rugged and unkempt to remarkable and unique in a short amount of time. 


Deck Stain Colour - Grape Slate
If you have tan siding, a dark, wooded backyard or desert landscaping, wood stains in a wash of blue, like Grape Slate, can bring a relaxing tone to your outdoor area. It can give an old deck a much-needed change for the better and bring more visitors to your outdoor gatherings. Colours of wood stain in smoky blue-hues can also add a hint of beach and sea style to your deck.


Deck Stain Colour - Alligator Green
Let the lush green lawn and surrounding trees become the focal point with a subtle green stain on your aging deck. A shady emerald can spruce up the backyard view, blending in with the natural surroundings and making the environment the center of attention. A green hue like Alligator Green works will for matching to a wood’s natural cast, such as pine. It will make the underlying green colour richer.


Deck Stain Colour - Sunsational
Bring a pop of colour to your outdoor enjoyment with a bright stain that can go with anything. Add shades of green and blue for summer entertaining. The bright deck will easily become a popular place for a pick me up during drab winter months. A flaxen shade of deck stain like Sunsational adds character to your outdoor area in a major way. A lemony look for a deck can also make an impact against a brick exterior. 


Prep Your Deck For Staining
A good prep session will increase the longevity of any of the wood stains you choose. A deck that is less than a year old will require different prepping than that of an older deck. Be prepared to use the correct type of deck stain colours or paint strippers and also a wood brightener after prepping for your specific deck’s needs. If you prep well and pick the right deck stain colours you and your family will have an outdoor oasis at home that you can enjoy for years.

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