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3 Easy Steps to Prep Your Deck for Winter

Beat the cold with our winter deck prep guide!

If you completed a deck staining project over the spring or summer months, you’re probably wondering how you can maintain that fresh, healthy look through the harsh conditions of winter. An unprepared deck can fall victim to the full force of winter’s icy wrath, however, there are three easy steps you can take to protect your beautiful deck against the perils of winter. Follow our guide below to safeguard your recently-stained deck for winter. 

1. Clear your deck of surface dirt and debris

Summer can bring all sorts of debris to the surface of your deck. Between stains from dirt, rust, mold, and leaves that may have accumulated after your staining project, the first step to winter prep is sweeping your deck free of these larger particles. You should also clear the spaces between deck boards of any dirt and debris. If left unchecked, debris between deck boards can impair water drainage, leading to moisture buildup and potential mold.

2. Wash your deck with Olympic Premium Deck Brightener and Wash

After you have swept and rid your deck of larger unwanted dirt and particle buildup, it’s time for step two: washing your deck. The best way to wash your deck without damaging the stain or wood is to forego a power washer and heavy cleaning solution and opt for a simpler, gentler approach.
You’ll need a hose, a deck brush (any soft cleaning brush will do), and Olympic Premium Deck Brightener and Wash. Follow the instructions on the product label to cleanse your deck of any remaining dirt or mold stains.

3. Check for wear and tear

Your final step should be making sure your deck is structurally sound. While you may have done this when staining, it’s always a good idea to check for issues like loose railings, nails, or boards. You should also carefully inspect your deck for rotting, warping, or deeply split wood. These issues only worsen with time, so it’s best to catch and fix them early, especially when entering winter, where inclement weather may not only worsen existing issues, but may make it more difficult to correct them in the future.

Once you’ve ensured your deck is in top structural shape, take a step back and admire your handiwork. Congratulations, you have successfully prepared your deck for winter! All that’s left to do is wait for warmer weather to return so you can continue enjoying your gorgeous, stained deck.

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