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Popular Stain Colours by Region

Well-loved stains across the map

This land was made for every stain! From easy, breezy, beachy hues to hot and arid desert tones, each region favors a unique family of exterior stain colours. Learn what’s trending in your neck of the woods and beyond.

Pacific Northwest

The cool, lush rainforests and diverse tree population in Washington and Oregon inspire natural wood tones and warm, honeyed bronze stains like Rustic Cedar.

Northern California

Popular stains in this region of California include cool blues, sandy beiges, and soft cherry hues like Jatoba.

Southern California

Head down to SoCal where stains range from ashy grays to ginger tones like laid-back Timberline.


The sun-soaked southwest is saturated with warmer-toned stains, from blazing reds to deep, mahogany browns like Canyon Sunset.


Ramble through the flatlands and find traditional stains inspired by amber waves of grain and rich, natural wood tones like Sierra.

New England

This seaside region features muted stains from vintage whites to soft cinnamon tones like Fir/Pine Naturaltone.

New York

The big city favors classic natural tones and dark wood stains like rich Chestnut Brown.


The hottest stains in the south range from bright forest greens to deep, shady browns like Clove Brown.


The Sunshine State prefers pale woods, bright whites, and cool brown stains like Walnut.

Ready to stain? Stay on trend with regional favorites or think outside of the box with a colour inspired by another corner of the country. Follow Olympic Paint & Stain on Pinterest for more colour inspiration.

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