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4 Wood Stain Colours You Never Knew Existed

The Rising Trend of Colourful Stain

When you think about choosing a stain colour, you’re probably expecting to pore over brown tones and shades until you find the perfect one for your deck and surrounding décor. While Olympic offers tons of traditional wood tones, recent design trends have come to showcase plenty of our non-traditional wood stain colours as well. At Olympic, we couldn’t be more excited to see this trend continue, as daring DIY designers breathe unique personalities into colourful stain projects. Once you see these four quintessentially quirky stain colours, you’ll never think of stain the same way again.


Kicking off our list of hidden-gem deck stain colours, we have the muted blue of Olympic’s Amsterdam. While maintaining the genteel contemporary feel of the grey stain family, Amsterdam takes emerging trends to the next level, bringing a lush, vibrant splash of cool blue to deck and exterior design. Pairing exceptionally well with a daring, modern deck palette, leave your friends and neighbors wondering why they didn’t think of this colourful design idea first. 

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Woodland Green

Moving right along into the world of greens, Olympic’s Woodland Green takes center stage. Less vibrant than the blue of Amsterdam, Woodland Green is equally perfect for a rugged, outdoor deck look as it is for a tidy, classic exterior. A fantastic compliment to muted browns, Olympic’s Woodland Green is a great option with most conservative deck furnishings.

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Jumping headfirst into deep, purple burgundy, we present Olympic’s Gooseberry. Retaining the time-worn versatility of a strong brown, Gooseberry finds its individuality in passionate, rich color. While playing best with lighter, creamier palettes, Gooseberry can also create a clean look with more traditional deck and exterior motifs.

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Last but far from least, we round out our list with one of Olympic’s boldest stain colours, Ebony. Pair this wood stain colour with a spectrum of grays or muted, smoother colours to bring balance to your one-of-a-kind deck. Or, as a more visually striking option, create contrast by pairing Ebony with bright accent pieces. With the right design motif, an Ebony deck could be your biggest design win yet.

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Looking for more on the deck staining trends of tomorrow? Dive into our closer-look at gray stains for the inside scoop on why they’re gaining popularity as some of the hottest stains on the market. 

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