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4 Timeless Wood Stain Colours for any Project

The Reliable Beauty of Classic Stain Colours

Whether you’re starting your own stain project or simply browsing for design inspiration, you can never go wrong with classic stain colours. If history has taught us anything about stain colour trends, it’s that shades of brown never fall out of fashion. While more colorful, non-traditional stains are garnering attention in their own right, browns are versatile enough to complement any interior or exterior look with ease, all while radiating the reliable elegance of more natural wood tones. These four browns are sure to jump-start your creative process, showcasing the resilient beauty of a timeless, traditional stain colour. 

Dark Mahogany 

Starting with a classic among classics, our journey through traditional browns begins at Olympic’s wood stain colour, Dark Mahogany. The same way that nearly every house looks better with a deck, nearly every deck looks better with Dark Mahogany. One of the most popular and versatile wood stain colours in our catalog, confidently begin your project knowing your newly stained deck will look perfectly tailored to your exterior.

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Inspired by the largest trees in the world, Olympic’s stain colour, Redwood, brings that majesty home. While holding to this traditional approach is certainly a safe bet, Redwood’s unique, lighter tonal blend can make for some truly inspiring exteriors. Pair with a colorful floral selection for a cozy yet stunning design aesthetic. 

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Rich and vibrant, Olympic’s wood stain, Timberline, stands out among traditional stain colours. Radiating a nearly golden glow, Timberline simultaneously makes a bold statement while blending seamlessly with understated, muted exteriors. Use this stain colour as a complement to other wooden fixtures on your deck, or as an anchor for more colourful outdoor arrangements. 

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Cedar Naturaltone

Rounding out our four traditional stain colour highlights, we present the organic radiance of Olympic’s semi-transparent stain color, Cedar Naturaltone. True to its name, Cedar Naturaltone breathes a gorgeous, nature- inspired colour into every deck it touches.

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Browse more awesome stain colours with us, or if you’re looking for more stellar stain inspiration, check out our piece on the gorgeous grey stain trend and what it might mean for your next project!  

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